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Welcome to Mothering for Me! I’m Danielle, and I’m mom to a preschooler son and a toddler daughter, living with my partner near Boulder, Colorado. Like so many new moms, I found myself feeling increasingly isolated when my son was young, and it wasn’t until he was almost walking that I felt able to be “out and about” on a regular basis. As a second-time mom, it’s been enlightening to compare my experience of the first months of my daughter’s life with my son’s first months. I have a lot more confidence in my parenting and many more resources this time around, but I know I would have never made it through my son’s first year without all the other parents out there, blogging away, letting me know I wasn’t the only one feeling alone.

Besides being a mother, I’m also a writer with a background in the liberal arts. I work from home part-time in an industry that has me in contact with hundreds of parents all over the world, and I’m in a unique position to be reminded daily of how important it is to nurture ourselves as parents just as much as we nurture our children and families. For me, mothering isn’t primarily about birth or babies, sex, gender, or biological relationships; mothering is about nurturing, plain and simple. How do we take care of ourselves with all of the demands placed on us by our children? How do we improve our relationships with our kids, partners, family members and friends while keeping ourselves whole and happy? That, to me, is the biggest question of mothering!

I don’t have an answer to that question, but I hope this blog will be a way to help me work toward one, in addition to providing resources for other parents out there. To that end, I’ll be posting reviews of books about parenting, ideas for taking care of ourselves and our families, and of course, what my own kids and family are up to lately.

I am very excited about my new little home on the web, and I hope you will share it with me! It truly does take a village to raise a child, and my community is stronger with you in it.


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